As in the last year team USA 1 from the Lauderdale Yacht Club with Stephan Baker, Connor Boland, Sara Schuman, Jack Redmond and Lauren Hamilton was on top of the podium at the price giving ceremony of the optimist team cup. Out of 16 teams they won in rough and gusty conditions. Congrats from here. Having dropped the first race to Sweden, last years runner-up, they managed to win all their subsequent races of the stage 1 and stage 2 part of the round robin executed on the first day of the championships. This put them in equal place with the team of Poland represented by Agnieszka Pawlowska, Jeremi Szczukowski, Szczepan Damasiewicz, Mateusz Gwozdz and Ludwik Grzelak. The teams of Sweden and the Netherlands were in a tie for third place having both won 8 races. Due to very heavy winds in the range of 6 to 8 beaufort on Sunday morning, the remaining 4 races of the round robin could not be sailed. So teams USA and Poland moved to the grand finals and teams Netherlands and Sweden to the small finals, respectively. These finals could be sailed in the early afternoon, when the wind dropped. Whereas team USA managed to beat Team Poland in two straight races to claim the championship, teams Netherlands and Sweden battled tightly until the last boat crossed the finishing line. Team Sweden with Rasmus Granzin,Hugo Liljegren,Simon Granath,Albert Norlén and Alexander Baudin managed to win the last race of the best of three series to take third place, leaving forth place for Ties Wijbinga, Olivier Jaquet, Jacobine Leemhuis and Adriaan Ouwerkerk of the Dutch team. The German team supported by Magic Marine ended up in a good 10th place due to the fact that the wind was very strong with guts up to 30 knots for two very young and light sailors of this team.

So finally it was a good showing from our brand Magic Marine, dressing the Fort Lauderdale Team on first, the dutch team on 4th place as well as the German Team on 10th place.

Well done all of the teams and see you next year hopefully again.

Yours Petra and Norbert


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